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On June 24th, our office participated in the Bob Kravitz ALS golf outing held at Prairie View golf club in Carmel. Our patients are near and dear to our hearts so whenever we get a chance to help, we take it! Keeping this special patient and his family in our thoughts and prayers. We were […]

Our office was asked to be part of a short radio story on how adults and children can be more effective with their oral hygiene care. Dr. Murphy and Andrea were both interviewed. Check it out! http://soundmedicine.iu.edu/segment/3841/How-can-children-brush-their-teeth-more-effectively–

When did the tooth fairy begin to be able to afford to give some much money for just one baby tooth in return? Check out this article and see just how much those pearly whites are going for these days. It sure makes us wish we still had baby teeth to place under our pillows. http://www.cnbc.com/id/100999097

During summer break, while you’re at work and your kids are at home, we’d all like to think they are eating nutritious food and keeping up with good oral hygiene habits. Let’s get real! Some will and some won’t. Read here and learn how to teach your children oral care essentials, how to fight cavities, and healthy eating […]

One of our long time patients, Kate Crawford is an Olympic medalist. Kate competed in the 2013 Special Olympic Games in Korea this past January/February. Kate returned home with a Bronze medal in the ice dancing competion. Kate works hard, practicing weekly and taking private lessons at different skating sites around Indianapolis. Congratulations Kate!

Early detection of oral cancer makes it easier to beat. We offer the  Vizilite oral cancer screening. Watch this video and see how it could save your life!    

This article supports what we have believed in our office for a long time. As a result, the whitening system we use and recommend is a home whitening system. We make custom trays and send our patients home with whitening gel. This is convenient and allows for much less sensitivity versus whitening done by UV […]

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal discusses how doctors are using patient’s breath to diagnose health problems. Here is an excerpt from the article: Now, scientists are identifying thousands of chemical compounds that create those telltale odors. Tools called mass spectrometers can detect them in quantities as minute as parts per trillion, the […]