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Pediatric Dentistry

While your child’s mouth has special needs that are different than yours, regular check-ups are just as important. Early attention to small mouths will positively affect a child’s teeth for a lifetime.

A child’s first dental visit is an important early milestone toward healthy teeth later in life. The health of the baby teeth affects the proper development and position of the permanent teeth. We recommend parents bring children by the age of two to our office for an initial check-up. We create experiences that will reduce anxiety and increase the enjoyment for both parent and child. During visits, the child will receive gentle care in a calm and friendly environment. Our hygienist will ensure that this first visit is fun and that he or she is comfortable with the treatment being provided. At the conclusion of the appointment, our young new friend will be able to choose a toy from our famous treasure chest that is filled with toys waiting to be claimed after a good check-up.