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Crowns, bridges and implants

When natural teeth are damaged or decayed beyond repair, action is vital in order to prevent additional damage to surrounding teeth, gums and bone. Following are some of the options that we have:

  • A crown caps a tooth with a porcelain, ceramic, acrylic, gold or metal covering.
  • A bridge fills the empty space between healthy teeth or implants.
  • Dental implants are metal root devices that are placed into the jaw bone and provide a firm foundation for a replacement  to match your other teeth.

crownsCrowns are utilized when a filling is not adequate to provide enough strength to support your damaged tooth. We can explore and discuss several crown options including those made of porcelain, ceramic, gold or metal. Porcelain offers an appearance most closely resembling your natural teeth. While some crowns take more than one visit, we can complete one in a single day using our CEREC® system.

bridgesA bridge fills a space between two teeth where a tooth once existed. Gaps between teeth can cause problems on either side of the empty space that allows them to shift or rotate. The supporting teeth are called abutments and the replacement tooth is called the pontic.



Dental implants are titanium cylinders used as replacements roots. They minim the natural root and are firmly anchored in the jaw and hold the tooth in place. These have been shown to bond very well with the human bone.


Dr. Murphy and the team at Allisonville Family Dentistry will work with you to help you understand your options and make the best decision for you.